I Helped Him

My friend and his future wife were having the hardest time finding a wedding violinist Manchester for their special day. They wanted to find someone who could play music in the way that was good for a wedding, and they weren’t sure just who could do that for them in a way that would be pleasing to them. I offered my services, despite the fact that I am a friend of theirs, and they accepted. I helped to make the night of my friend something that was truly special because I gave of the talents that I have. I know that the wedding would have felt different to me if I could have attended it as a normal guest does, but I was happy to offer my friend the help that he needed on his special day. He deserved that much from me.


I Was Part Of The Problem

There is an old quote that says, “If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.” I realized how true that saying was, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. I have watched people throw their trash on the ground, waste food, waste water and use toxic chemicals. I never liter, try to conserve food, water and clean my house with natural products. Even though I live an eco-friendly lifestyle, I realized that I was a part of the problem because I was just sitting back and doing nothing.

Now, I am raising awareness about environmental issues. I talk at various conventions and tell people about silica equestrian sand, recycling as well as conserving food and energy. I also encourage them to tell their friends and family members about environmental issues.


Weekend Handy Man

I hate for my husband to become Mr. Fix-it on the weekend. Mainly because he can perform miracles when it comes to fixing the family car but when he works on the house trouble soon follows.

I had company of course when my daughter ran in saying, “Daddy’s making the bathroom stink.” My face turned red as a beet. I managed to wipe the shocked look off my guests face by telling her my husband was doing repairs to our bathrooms Bolton.

We went into the guest bathroom to find my large husband under the sink looking very uncomfortable. The strong smell my daughter had been talking about was the cleaner you use to clean the PCP pipe. You have to use the cleaner so the glue used to hold the pipe together will seal. If you don’t clean the pipe and there is dirt on the pipes they will leak.


Life is Hard

Life is hard for the electric violinist, constantly hustling for a dollar on the street. Facing constant harassment from the police and those who pass by but who do not understand the hard life of the street busker. Scrapping for each and every dollar, the street musician lives the life of a troubadour, a nomadic existence in which one can never quite be sure where their next meal is coming from or whether or not they will have a place to stay when evening arrives. And yet, the street musician pushes on, electric violin in hand, instrument case open, pursuing his passion each and every day. His life was not supposed to turn out like this after graduating from Julliard, he was supposed to be someone, playing in front of thousands of adoring fans in New York, London, or Sydney. You know what they say about best laid plans….


Attention for a Model Home

I am a builder, and I love to show off all that I am and all that I can do. Whenever I have the opportunity I like to have a model home available for individuals to check out. Those who visit my model home can see the quality work that I do and just how successful I am at the work that goes into building such a home. Thankfully I have the help that I need when I am looking to show off the model homes that I have built. I get the attention that I need for these homes through the help that promo girls London have to offer. I need a way to get people to come to the homes and to tour them, and I get all of the help that I need through the individuals that I hire for that job.


My First Trade School

Last week, I went to a trade show for the first time. It was quite an experience. It was very interesting seeing people from different professions represent their brand and products. I was also able to speak with the exhibition staff. I was interested in starting a business myself and was able to learn a lot about what it takes to succeed in a business.

I also enjoyed the free samples that I received while at the trade show. All of the people there were generous and helpful. I cannot wait for the next trade show.

I think that trade shows are great because they give people the opportunity to sell themselves. The business world is extremely competitive. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to stay ahead of the competition.


Creative Cooking Correction

My husband and I were enjoying a lovely dinner with our friends at a fine dining establishment, when the topic turned to cooking. This was a couple we had been friends with for years and who had just moved into a new home. I was astounded to discover their kitchen did not include a wire wisk for beating eggs and so forth. We debated the matter, my contention being that a kitchen without a wisk is a disfunctional kitchen. I am an admitted food snob, while they rarely cooked.

As we had not yet given them a housewarming gift, I purchased the best quality wisk I could find at the nearest culinary goods store and took it to my local florist Harrogate. This wonderfully creative designer delivered a fabulous floral arrangement, incorporating the wisk. They were thrilled — and my point was made!


I Found My Needle in a Haystack

The first week of summer, I ventured to the beach with my buddies and we sunbathed near the shore. Everything was great until we all went in for a swim, and I left my eyeglasses on my towel. When we got back, my glasses were missing and the wind had tossed the towels everywhere.

My friend Peter joked that it was like ashes to ashes, since glass is made from sand, and that we would never find them.

“It’s true,” he insisted. “Glass is made out of silica sand, which is exactly what we’re standing on. Your glasses just got swallowed up by the beach.”

Even though I knew it was nonsense, Peter’s theory had me worried. Then I got a brainstorm. I borrowed a metal detector from one of the old guys looking for buried treasure, knowing that every pair of glasses has a metal hinge and screw. Bingo!