Secret Admirer

While in military training, I was friends with two young women, one of them was having problems with her boyfriend. They had been together so long, frankly, he just took her companionship for granted. Any young man would have been proud to have this girl as a friend or wife, should she accept a proposal. Her nickname was Foxy.

As Valentines neared, I was invited to the home of the women for a holiday meal. That afternoon, a delivery of flowers Harrogate, one dozen long stem red roses, arrived for Foxy. She was ecstatic, telling her boyfriend thank you, repeatedly. Then she saw the note that someone called Jabberwocky had sent them. Foxy was speechless. Her boyfriend was stunned and upset. Two weeks later he asked her to be married. They have been married 40 years. I believe sending those roses was one of the nicest things I have ever done.


Win On the Main Stage

If you ever wanted to discover a sure-fire way to popularity, fame and success with the fairer sex, you’d be wise to take up the saxophone. A passionate and romantic instrument, it’s sure to help you get the ladies to swoon.

Beyond just being a great way to break the ice with ladies, a saxophone is a great tool for a man to forge a career as a wedding saxophonist Manchester. If you have ever felt the exhilaration of getting on a stage to a crowd of eager guests, you know what kind of thrill it is!

Getting into the wedding gig as a saxophone player is a great way to stay socially connected while also earning a pretty handsome living. It will just take the investment in a saxophone and then the commitment to practice and grow your talent.